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Thursday 24th & Friday 25th March 2022
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Four ordinary Scouse women, living in four terraced houses in the back streets of Liverpool.

Plans are under way as an over whelmed Trisha "I can't  stand her",  from number 4, frantically prepares not only a sweet sixteenth for her eldest son, but has also managed to find herself in the karaoke finals at the local alehouse the Stags Head, “OMG I feel ashamed, can she even sing?”.

As per usual, bossy loud mouthed Susan (Lynne Fitzgerald) from number 3 and her just as irritating lazy sidekick, Vanessa from number 4 “Sly on us”  become more of a hindrance than a help.

Meanwhile, Eldest "She hates that" and longest resident of the street, meddling Lily from number 2, causes a whole string of hilarious events, as she decides to take things into her own hands “Get on her, curtain twitcher” to guarantee everything runs smoothly “Lol like that's gonna happen”.

Buckle up folks, you’re in for one hilarious night of entertainment.

Suitable for age 16 plus. Contains adult content.

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