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Monday 17 & Tuesday 18 January 2022
Monday 7.30pm Tuesday 2.30pm +7.30pm
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Liz and Maggie - Tea at Four - Handbags at Dawn

Over the course of a decade, two of Britain’s most iconic women met regularly. In private. Sharing their views on what it means to be British and navigating their opposing opinions? What actually happened behind those closed doors?

The meetings between Queen Elizabeth II, and Margaret Thatcher became infamous in the 1980s. This comedy explores their relationship and looks at what might have happened when two of the most powerful characters of our time came face-to-face.

Sharply funny, mischievous and packed with satirical humour and highly entertaining, Handbagged will make you question what you think you know about the people who lead us and features 6 actors playing 21 characters including the Monarch, the Prime Minister, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Geoffrey Howe, Neil Kinnock and many more. 


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