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Liverpool comedian Michael Livesley breathes fresh life into legendary Bonzo Viv Stanshall’s manic, classic, surreal but fond masterpiece. Exquisitely quintessential English comedy from the pen of the master himself  - Vivian Stanshall.

It is 21 years since the untimely passing of Vivian Stanshall, one of the greatest unsung cultural icons of the 20th Century. The ripple effect from his contribution to music & comedy are still felt to this day.

Of all Viv’s creations, the most fondly recalled is his meisterwerk, Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, in no small part due to it featuring regularly on John Peel’s Radio 1 Show. In 2010 Stanshall’s sacred monster was first brought vividly back to life by Michael Livesley. Since then the show has gone on to earn many 5 star reviews in the national press, and garnered the respect of Vivian’s friends and fans alike including Adrian Edmondson, Neil Innes, Rick Wakeman and Stephen Fry.

"Michael Livesley embodies to perfection the spirit and brilliance of Vivian Stanshall and adds his own measure of outrageous talent too. He inhabits Sir Henry and all the denizens of Rawlinson End with such deft brilliance that the audience, when it is not howling with laughter, gasps with incredulity at the sheer ‘achieve of the thing’ - if I may adduce Gerard Manley H. All lovers of Sir Viv and the Bonzos will wheeze out a chuckling and sobbing thank you to a great and good man."  Stephen Fry

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