Hirer Terms & Conditions


1 April 2018 – 31 March 2020


  1. Once an available date for your event has been agreed a booking form will be sent out to the Hirer which should be completed and returned within 14 days of the date of issue. Bookings will only be confirmed on receipt of the completed booking form. If a completed booking form is not received within 14 days of the date of issue the dates may be offered to another Hirer.
  2. No deposit is required from a Hirer.
  3. All tickets will be put on sale through the Brindley Box Office. The Hirer can also request to have online sales via the Brindley website.
  4. A ticket administration fee is applicable to the Hirer for each ticket sold (see scale of charges). The Hirer is advised to consider this cost when finalising the final ticket price.
  5. The Brindley Box Office charges customers a ticket booking fee, capped at 5 tickets.
  6. The Brindley holds all ticket income and deducts all charges owing from the Hirers final Box Office returns.
  7. The remaining balance will be transferred into the Hirers Bank Account within 21 days of the completion of the event.
  8. Any outstanding balance will be invoiced to the Hirer after the event.


The Hirer must confirm in writing to the Brindley any cancellations of their booking, which will incur the following cancellation charges prior to the hire date:


The Brindley reserves the right to cancel the hire, without releasing the Hirer from the hire costs, in the event of the following:

  1. A breach, or anticipated breach, of any conditions of hire, including any special conditions imposed by the Brindley.
  2. If the event is likely to be objectionable, undesirable, could cause a breach of the peace or cause damage to the Brindley.
  3. The Hirer becoming either bankrupt or insolvent.

The Brindley reserves the right to cancel the hire without charging the hire costs, but without liability to the Hirer for any loss or damage, in the event of the following:

  1. The Brindley is required for an event in connection with a National event that is considered to be of a Civic or National importance.
  2. Due to Force Majeure, industrial action, riots, public health epidemic, civil commotion, fire, explosion, flood, act of God, terrorist threat, radioactive contamination or a breakdown of water, gas or electricity supply, water leakage or any accident, incident or occurrence requiring the closure of the building. 


  1. When the Studio or Theatre are used beyond the agreed times, the charges will be increased as per the current hire costs.
  2. Two Technicians (Theatre) and one Technician (Studio) are included within the price of the basic hire for up to 8 hours per day. With a Theatre hire, one Technician will be situated on Stage (Stage Manager) and one Technician will be situated in the Control Room (Lighting or Sound). Additional Technicians are available for Lighting, Sound, Fly’s, Follow Spots, Wardrobe and Stage Crew at the current hourly rate.
  3. Any technical recharges will be agreed between the Hirer and Technical & Production Manager or representative in advance of the event.


  1. If the event is deemed to be unsafe without additional security, the Brindley reserves the right to insist on the engagement of a suitable additional number of security staff. Security will be booked by the Brindley and all costs discussed and agreed in full with the Hirer. 


  1. When performing works that are subject to copyright (dramatic or musical), Hirers are required under law to seek the consent of the owner of the copyrighted material. A copy of this licence must be provided to the Brindley to keep on file. The Hirer shall indemnify the Brindley against any third party claims relating to a breach of any copyright relating to any performance or material.
  2. For Performing Rights Society (PRS) purposes, Hirers are required to provide the Brindley with full details of all songs and other music used within the performance. This information should be provided within twenty four hours of the request being made. For events attracting a PRS payment (a percentage based on the gross income for the event), this amount will be paid by the Brindley and recharged to the Hirer within the final invoice.
  3. For the hiring of the Studio or Theatre for a stage play or other dramatic/operatic performances, the Hirer is required to conform to all the terms and conditions attached to the Stage Play Licence.


  1. The Brindley has a dedicated Stage Door entrance to be used by all company members. It is a requirement for your company to supply a Stage Door Receptionist with responsibility for signing all hiring company members in and out of the building. During an Evening performance the Stage Door will be monitored by on-site Security, however, the Security guard cannot take responsibility for signing anybody under the age of 16 in or out of the building. It is essential that a designated chaperone is on site at the Stage Door / Signing-In Point with a register of performers prior to their arrival. Security is also unable to allow access to the backstage areas for any other company members, parents or helpers whose names do not appear on the register provided. 


  1. Where children or young performers under the age of 16 are involved in a production, the Hirer shall be responsible for compliance with any legislative requirements. 
  2. The law states that the maximum number of children in the care of a chaperone at any one time must not exceed ten. As children and young people must be supervised at all times it may be necessary to engage two or more chaperones for a group of children or young people. The Brindley recommends a minimum of one chaperone for every ten children or young people. 
  3. The Hirer should have a chaperone in attendance in all relevant dressing rooms whilst these rooms are in use. A chaperone should also be responsible for supervising children between dressing rooms and the stage area.
  4. The Hirer shall ensure that any chaperone or staff is suitably checked via the Disclosure and Barring Service for the purposes of the safety and safeguarding of the children and young performers.


  1. To conform to CDM Regulations 2015, as the employer/organiser the Hirer is responsible for all health and safety duties involving the Hirers employees/volunteers. This includes ensuring that suitable and sufficient risk assessments for activities involving material risks have been conducted and control measures implemented, including any special measures required for anyone under the age of 18 years. This includes ensuring that up to date DBS checks have been undertaken and are available for inspection by the Brindley upon request. 
  2. The Hirer shall indemnify the Brindley in full for any cost or expense incurred in making good any damage caused during the period of the hire to the buildings, walls, furniture, decoration, windows, doors, stage or any other property/fixtures and fittings of the Brindley, whether the damage is caused wilfully, carelessly or accidentally. It is the
    1. responsibility of the Hirer to take all practicable steps to safeguard the property of the Brindley during the period of the hire. Notification of the intention to recharge for making good any damage will be made to the Hirer within 48 hours of the hire taking place. 
    2. The Hirer should not use articles of any explosive character or articles that produce an offensive smell within the event or performance.
    3. The use of naked flame within the event or performance is not permitted without prior consent of the Brindley. 
    4. Hirers should only hang decorations within the hired space that are of non-flammable material and have been approved in advance by the Technical and Production Manager (or representative). Should flammable decorations or fittings be used by the Hirer they will be removed by the Technical and Production Manager (or representative). Any decorations or fittings should not interfere with the electrical fittings, meters or any other fixtures of the Brindley. All decorations or fittings used by the Hirer must be secured using temporary methods and should not be fixed by nails or screws into the floors or walls or fixed to any machinery or any other fixture of the Brindley.
    5. Hirers must submit a risk assessment of any materials or actions that might introduce a hazard or increase any risk. 
    6. Any mains electrical items provided by the Hirer must have a valid Portable Appliance Test Certificate, which is less than six months old and available for inspection. 
    7. Neither the Brindley nor Halton Borough Council shall be responsible for any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by, be done or happen to any person, or persons, within the hired space during the Hire from any cause whatsoever.
    8. In the interest of public safety the Brindley reserves the right to impose further, or other, conditions specific to the event or performance.
    9. Hirers are not permitted to bring their own refreshments for sale at the Brindley. Nor should Hirers provide their own hospitality for non-public events where hospitality is required. 
    10. The Venue Management has the right of entry at all times to the hired space and has the power to require the Hirer to refuse admission to, or remove, any disorderly person or persons from the Brindley.
    11. The Brindley shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property arising out of the hiring. Personal property is brought onto the premises at the owners own risk. Any items left without written consent of the Technical and Production Manager will be disposed of at the Hirers expense. 
    12. Halton Borough Council will not condone the act of fly-posting to advertise events/entertainments. This means that the illegal placing of posters/advertising material on bus shelters, vacant property, subways or other public places is strictly forbidden. Hirers who do not comply with this requirement will be in breach of their agreement. As a result of this, the Brindley can order the immediate cancellation of the hire without notice (with a 100% cancellation charge), and request payment of a bill for clean-up costs. The Hirer will also be prevented from making any future bookings for events within the Brindley or in any other venues or facilities owned by Halton Borough Council.


  1. Any complaint regarding any of the arrangements connected with the hire of the Brindley must be made in writing to the Venue Manager within 48 hours of the cause of the complaint arising.

Contact brindleypromotions@halton.gov.uk for all venue hire enquiries.

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